Primary 1, Miss Motherwell
Class Update

Primary 1 have continued to work very hard this year. They are confidently following the rules and routines of the school. This term we have had continued success with many of the children receiving a range of awards such as Star, Super Star, Star Writer, Handwriting, Silver and Gold Awards. Well Done to Niamh, Katy and Kaila who took part in the Bridgeton Burns competition. Primary 1 have showcased their Burns poem ‘The Selkirk Grace’ during our assembly to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns. Keep up the amazing work Primary 1,

We have continued to have regular circle time and daily check-ins to complete our ‘Feelings Chart’ and ensure that all children are safe and happy.



This term Primary 1 are continuing to progress through NLC Literacy pack and Jolly Phonics to learn their phonemes and diagraphs. The children are continuing to use the ‘5 Finger Approach’ to sound out and blend to help with reading. This term we have discovered more stories from ORT. The children will continue to learn their common words in term 2 to help with their reading and writing. We will use the reading strategies “connecting”, “visualising” and “summarising” to enhance our understanding of the books. These strategies will help us make connections about what we are reading to other books, our lives and the world around us and also help us focus on the main ideas in a text.


This term Primary 1 will continue to develop their handwriting with reinforcement of the formation of all lower case and uppercase letters. We will continue to develop our own ideas for personal news and begin to sound out some of our words to write by ourselves. We will also continue to create story maps and learn how to write instructions.

Talking and Listening
In Term 2, the children will continue to take part in circle time and daily check-ins activities to discuss their own personal news and how they may be feeling. Children will be given the opportunity to talk in front of their peers in small and large groups, and also listen to others. To strengthen our listening skills, we will listen to instructions and follow these to draw or colour an image.


Number, Money and Measure
This term Primary 1 will be learning about number bonds to 10. We will also be learning to subtract from 10 using our fingers, Numicon and other various resources to help us. We will continue to use ‘Big Maths’ to help us work on our mental maths and use practical activities and games to help us further develop our skills.
Shape, Position and Movement
This term children will be learning to identify 1 line of symmetry and objects that are symmetrical. We will use a range of concrete materials to copy and a repeat a simple pattern. Through our topic we will explore position by programming Beebots around a course. The children will be able to explore this through a range of play-based and practical activities.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Our Topic for term 2 will be ‘The World Around Us’, during this topic the children will be able to identify and research about planet Earth, the seasons and weather, and our local area. In RME, Primary 1 will learn about ‘Welcoming a Baby’ and ‘The Easter Story’. They will be exposed to a range of celebrations from a range of religions to ensure that children are aware of the celebrations and learn respect for all world religions. Our Science will be incorporated into our topic and we will be learning all about the ‘water cycle’ and life cycles’. In French this term we will be learning about weather and classroom objects. We will use practical activities and games in French where we can use this knowledge.
Additional Information
PE days are Monday and Wednesday and Outdoor Learning day is Tuesday, please ensure your child has a suitable PE kit and weather appropriate clothing including a waterproof jacket and suitable shoes for these activities. Please make sure all of your child’s items of clothing and their belongings have their name clearly labelled on each item.
Fruit breaks will continue on a daily basis, please encourage your child to bring a piece of fruit to participate. Plain water in a suitable bottle is permitted within the classroom, please note, no fizzy drinks, diluting juice and flavoured waters in class, We have class representatives for a range of committees
throughout the school. These include Pupil Council, Health and Eco, Rights, Sports Council, Social Enterprise, and Charities.

Homework will be issued every Monday to be return by Friday. Homework is accessed through Google Classroom. It will include rhyming work, practising sounds and reading. There will also be some Maths homework related to current Maths topic. Please ensure all School/Home Communication Folders are returned on a Friday Morning. Primary 1 have the opportunity to access Junior Librarian every Friday
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